Photo by Richard Brocklebank
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Photos by Richard Brocklebank


Rural Domestic & Sexual Abuse Recovery Project

Sussex Community Development Association, Action in Rural Sussex & The Rita Project have identified the challenges faced by residents living rural communities when recognising and addressing Domestic, Sexual Violence & Abuse and are working in partnership to raise awareness of the signs of controlling and toxic behaviour and how to access services that may support a healthy and meaningful recovery. The Rural Domestic & Sexual Abuse Recovery Project is designed to support people who have recently or historically experienced abuse and would benefit from a step-down recovery service. A community navigator embedded in SCDA Safe from Harm project will be able to assess & signpost individuals to a variety of services which can support recovery from abuse. If you’ve ever experienced abuse of any kind and feel you may benefit from further support, please get in touch. From practical help to therapeutic support, we want to help feel more like yourself again.

Contact us by email or text 07825 409552.