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The Parish Council (PC) is a statutory consultee on planning applications and as such is invited to make comments along with the public during a specified 21-day consultation period.  Due to the requirement to determine applications as soon after the 21-day deadline as is reasonably possible, Wealden District Council (WDC) cannot be guaranteed to be able to allow an extension of time for comments to fit in with Committee meeting dates.  As applications are sent out by WDC at any time, the deadline for comment might be before the next Parish Committee meeting.  

The Chairman/Vice Chairman will therefore give his permission for applications to be discussed and commented upon under delegated authority in line with the terms of reference of the Committee. Subject to there being no additional information coming forward within the 21-day statutory consultation period, the comments will be passed onto WDC in the usual way. 

If any member the public, whether the applicant in an application or an interested party wishing to make representation to the PC, please contact the Clerk at the earliest opportunity once they are aware the application is live or the yellow site notice has been put up on site.  Alternatively, applications can be viewed via the WDC website where a weekly list of new applications is provided - Details here

Letters of support or objection should be addressed to WDC in the first instance and copied to the PC for information.

If there are any queries please contact the Clerk, Ann Newton, on 01825 890182 or

For information

Framfield Parish Council
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Telephone:  01825 890182


Wealden District  Council
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Telephone: 01323 443322