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Welcome to Framfield Parish Council Website
The site has some ongoing maintenance so with regard to up to date information, the noticeboards should be referred to please

Missed bins

It is imperative that residents report a missed bin to WDC so that WDC have an idea what is going on across the District.  
It is now simpler to report a missed bin - with an option to submit the missed bin report without completing the registration process.
Report missed bin collections - Here
(then click "continue without an account")

Verge cutting in the Parish

Residents will have noticed that our verges are very overgrown.  ESCC informed parishes after they had set their budgets for the year that they would no longer be implementing the six cuts to the urban areas of the parishes.  (‘Urban’ means the more central areas within the villages).  Instead they would only be doing two in line with the rural grass cutting (which is all areas outside of the village centres). 

Framfield Parish Council, having not been able to budget for any extra cuts, agreed to wait to see how things panned out and revisit their decision when the need arose.

Details of the dates of the first cut by ESCC are on their website -
Blackboys and Framfield are actually scheduled in for 21/22 June 2018.



The Council is looking for an RFO to work on a part time basis at home (approximately 12 hours a month).

Could all enquiries be made to the Parish Clerk

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Bus Services 231 and 331 announcement - Details

East Sussex Broadband Rollout, Phase 2 - Details

The vacant allotment plots have recently been cleared and are waiting to be claimed!  £25.00 per plot for the year.  All enquiries to Ann Newton, Parish Clerk - Details

Parish Newsletter Archive now open - Details

Tackling Elder Exploitation - Details

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Parish Clerk: Ann Newton
‘Highlands', Blackboys TN22 5LR.

From the Clerk:

"We intend putting as much information – Parish Council and otherwise – on this website as possible.  The website will grow and improve over the forthcoming months with opportunities for advertising – commercial and also news on local organisations etc.  There will be a section for comments and ideas as well as all the relevant business of the Council.  I hope that everyone who can, has a look."

"We will be offering local organisations and businesses the opportunity to advertise on the website and/or to have a link. If you would be interested in this could you please contact me, preferably by email."

Ann Newton - Parish Clerk